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People around the globe are using resveratrol supplements to look and feel younger. Because of the incredibly high demand, there are now more products on the market than ever. The bad news is that not all of them are effective.

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Calorie Restriction Society

The Calorie Restriction Society existed in embryonic form as early as 1993. This was when Brian M. Delaney created the Internet-based Usenet discussion group named, in order to promote a more scientific discussion of life extension. From that early date to the current time, there has been much unproven speculation, quackery (and scams) among those purporting to have vitamins or pills that can slow down the aging process. The purpose of the Internet forum was to inject some scientific responsibility into the discussion of attempts to slow the aging process.

The group was officially in 1994 when a group of experts met at the Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine in Las Vegas. Their goal is to promote calorie restriction and conduct basic research through long-term human studies

Since the 1930s extensive scientific research has shown that calorie restricted (CR) diets improve health and extend life spans of nearly every species tested, including worms, spiders, rodents, dogs, cows and monkeys. Caloric restriction was the only known way to slow down aging, extend median and maximum life-span, and decrease the incidence of age-associated diseases before the benefits of resveratrol were discovered.

The problem with restricting calories is you have to stop eating before your hunger is satisfied. Most people are not willing to make this sacrifice, especially Americans. The CRS promotes eating more vegetables and a largely vegan diet. These diets are not realistic when it comes to the basic needs of someone who needs to maintain proper energy levels, provide adequate nutrition, and enable the body to exercise as needed to burn energy.


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Other Names for Resveratrol

Manufacturers often use shorter names to market their products with since ‘resveratrol’ doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Some examples include Eternal RezV, Pure RezV Pro, ResVer XP, Youth ResV Pro and Vital Rez V. The following are correct terms you will often see tied into many brand name supplements.