Resveratrol Products Exposed

People around the globe are using resveratrol supplements to look and feel younger. Because of the incredibly high demand, there are now more products on the market than ever. The bad news is that not all of them are effective.

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Resveratrol Side Effects

When it comes to health products and pharmaceuticals, side effects are inevitable. Whether we realize it or not, there are risks involved when putting something in our body on a daily basis. Researching side effects yourself is even more important with supplements that have just recently hit the market, resveratrol included. Although resveratrol has been tested extensively in the lab, long-term human effects are yet to be seen.

It is a common myth that all side-effects are negative. In reality, any effect, positive or negative, that is not the primary reason for taking a supplement is considered a side effect. A good example of this is the chinese root He Shou Wu, which is praised for its anti-aging benefits. The prepared root, also called Fo-Ti in North America is also a laxative. For most people, this is an unwanted addition and to others a welcome feature. So you see that whether a side effect is good thing depends on the person taking it.

Another item to consider is that side effects are reported on a case by case basis. We have to rely on personal accounts, estimates on the transfer of effects between mice and humans and our own experiences. At the end of the day the only true answers come from self studies. If you find that the benefits are outweighed by undesirable effects, discontinue use.

Obviously resveratrol has numerous amazing health benefits such as the ability to battle the free radicals that fight aging, decreased risk of heart disease and a lower chance of getting cancer just to name a few. For this reason the attributes most commonly seen as negative have been compiled so you know the full implications when taking a resveratrol supplement.

Stomach cramping and diarrhea - This is one of the main side effects that have been reported. It should be noted that the problem usually only comes from taking high doses of a low quality resveratrol supplements. This is because such products often contain high levels of emodin.

Buzzed feeling or dizziness - A buzzed feeling, similar to a caffeine high or rush from coffee. Some also describe the feeling as dizziness or jitters.

Insomnia - The buzzed feeling described above can sometimes turn into bouts of insomnia, often coming and going quickly and at random times. In most cases this went away after a week or two of usage.

Joint pain - Some have reported joint pain in the hips, feet, hands, and back. Development of Achilles tendinitis was reported in extreme cases. This is thought to be caused by the chelation of copper (which is needed to form collagen) caused by taking extremely high dosages. The majority of users have found that these side effects went away when dosages were lowered.


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Resveratrol Misspellings

Thank you for viewing the above article, entitled “Resveratrol Side Effects.” Resveratrol is a very commonly misspelled word. To help more people find this page I have compiled a list of the most common spelling errors.

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Other Names for Resveratrol

Manufacturers often use shorter names to market their products with since ‘resveratrol’ doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Some examples include Eternal RezV, Pure RezV Pro, ResVer XP, Youth ResV Pro and Vital Rez V. The following are correct terms you will often see tied into many brand name supplements.